The Wattle Grove Music Program provides students from Year 1 to 6 with specialist music instruction each week. The program is aimed at developing the appropriate skills for active participation in music making and appreciation in all children. This is through a variety of activities, including singing, listening, movement, composition, and some limited percussion work. Where possible, children are also given the opportunity to perform in the wider community and to view other performers.

Opportunities for Extension:

School Choirs

Wattle Grove Primary School has two school choirs - Junior and Senior, and they perform at important events, such as the ANZAC Day and Graduation Ceremonies. They also perform outside the school at events, such as the Massed School Choirs, the Woodlupine Seniors Fayre and for residents at local retirement villages.

The Senior Choir has students from Years 5 to 6
The Junior Choir has students from Years 3 and 4

SIM – School of Instrumental Music Program

An Instrumental Music Program is offered by the Department of Education to more musically able students in Year 6. Currently Modern Guitar instruction is offered at Wattle Grove.

To find out more about the SIM program and the process behind how students are selected, please visit

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