Health and Well Being

At all times the well being of the student is be our ultimate priority. The office staff administer basic first aid to all students. If the child is beyond basic first aid (injured or ill) every attempt is made to contact the parents to advise them of the problem. If the school is unable to contact the parent, the Principal is to be advised of the situation and a decision will be made as to the best course of action and what medical treatment the student requires.

School Health Nurse
The School Health Nurse visits our school on a regular basis. The main role of the Health Nurse in the school is routine screening for general health, hearing, vision, certain infectious diseases and scoliosis. Staff will be advised as much as possible about any anticipated interruptions to scheduled classes for medical purposes.

Sick or Injured Children
Parents are advised that they will be contacted at home or work if it is felt that their child is too sick to remain at school, or if some form of medical attention is needed. The school has very limited first aid facilities and only minor care can be given by school staff.

School Health Checks
On enrolling their children parents are required to fill in a medical card, or if transferring from another West Australian State School, have it sent on. From time to time members of the School Health Services carry out checks and examinations of children. A nurse visits the school on request and parents who feel they should contact her about a medical matter can do so through the school.

Routine Screening  
This is done for all children at these Year levels:

  • Kindergarten - Pre Primary: vision, hearing and general health
  • Year 1: vision and hearing for those who didn't get this done in PrePrimary

Immunisation Policy
Upon enrolment all parents are requested to provide a photocopy of their child's immunisation records. It is Health Department policy to exclude children who are incompletely immunised from attending school during outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases.

Communicable and Infectious Diseases
There are a number of illnesses which require that the child be excluded from school for a period of time. Some of the more common ones are Chicken Pox, Measles, Mumps, Ringworm and School Sores but there are many others. If you have a sick child and are in doubt about whether or not they should attend school please contact the Health Nurse or school to discuss the matter.
Head Lice: Head Lice are now resistant to most chemical treatments. Any use of pesticide treatment must be diligently followed by manual removal of all eggs and adult lice for a 21 day cycle. Detailed plans to do this are available from office staff and the school nurse. Weekly checks, tying long hair back and frequent brushing are good preventative measures. If live head lice are found in a child's hair they should be sent to the front office and parents will then be contacted and requested to collect their child and commence treatment.
Chicken Pox: Infected by - contact with infected persons and indirectly through articles freshly soiled by discharges from an infected person. Incubation Period: 13-17 days (usually 12 days). Period of Communicability - from 2 days before rash to 6 days after onset of last crop of blisters. Exclude from school until feeling well and all lesions are crusted (no blisters).
Impetigo-School Sores: Caused by - contact with infected person. Incubation Period: 1-3 days. Period of Communicability - Until sores are treated. Exclude from school until effective treatment (including the proper use of occlusive dressings) has been instituted.
Measles: Infected by - Spray or droplets from infected person, or indirectly through articles freshly soiled by discharges from nose or throat of infected person. Incubation Period: 8-14 days (usually 10 days). Period of Communicability - from 4-5 days before rash to 4 days after.
Conjunctivitis: Caused by - direct or indirect contact with secretion from infected eyes or insect carriers. Period of Communicability - while eye discharge is present. Exclude from school until discharge from eyes has ceased.

Dental Therapy
The Dental Therapy Centre is situated on the school site and provides a dental service to the children at our school and other local schools.  They are accessed directly via Thorogood Avenue.  For more information, you can contact the Dental Therapy Centre directly on 9453 6969, or via HealthDirect.

Home Learning Packages
Telephone: 08 9237 6600 Address: 73 St John Road, Wattle Grove WA 6107