Wattle Grove Primary School offers its students and staff access to the Internet in all of its classrooms and wet areas. While the Internet offers great opportunities for educational use, it also contains the possibility of misuse.  It is our mission to assist our students, parents and staff in making correct and informed decisions regarding its usage and the value of the information they discover.

Our Beliefs
  • At Wattle Grove Primary School, access to the Internet is a privilege provided to enhance education, not a right.
  • Access to the Internet carries responsibilities that should be observed at all times.
  • With responsible use of the Internet, equal access to information is assured for all students.
  • Wattle Grove Primary School endorses the use of the Internet as an educational tool.
  • All uses of the Internet will be consistent with existing policies of the Department of Education (DoE).
  • While working on the Internet, students and staff are expected to follow general "Netiquette"- basically good manners on the Internet.
  • The school Internet service provides access to educational and curriculum related information.
  • The Internet should be used for educational purposes through classroom related activities and guided activities.
  • Images showing pornographic, explicit, violent or illegal activities are not permitted to be accessed or shown on computers at Wattle Grove Primary School.
  • Children should be made aware that not all information on the Internet is necessarily correct or accurate and be encouraged to be discerning and critical in their usage and evaluation of material viewed.
  • All users should be aware of the laws of copyright and our policy regarding these and abide by them. Plagiarism is unacceptable.
  • Bullying, harassment, swearing, and other offensive behaviours are not acceptable behaviours and use of the Internet. 

Code Of Conduct for Use of the School's Internet/E-Mail Facilities
The Internet Code of Conduct applies at all times, in and out of school hours, whilst using school equipment. Internet and e-mail access will be provided to students if they have returned the signed (parent and student) Internet Code of Conduct agreement form. This policy is intended as a general outline of our school's approach. It is not intended to be an authoritative guide to every aspect of Learning Technology usage.
Home Learning Packages
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