About Our School

In 2015, our school is celebrating the 100th year of it's history, during which time we have established a unique school culture, built upon strong family values, high standards and a real sense of community. This is something that as a staff, student and parent body, we all work very hard to achieve and to maintain. This is the third year in our school’s history as an Independent Public School, which provides us with the opportunity to have far more autonomy than previously. Whilst the school remains part of the public school system, Independent Public Schools have more local authority and freedom from central policies and procedures in a range of areas including financial management, curriculum, student support, staff recruitment and management. The School Board consisting of the Principal, elected parent, P&C and staff representatives and appointed community members oversees the setting of the long term future planning and operation of the school.

Although our school site and buildings have changed with the opening of our new school in 2011, our school ethos and culture still remain the same. As a school, we are committed to providing a quality education to our students, and encouraging the achievement of personal excellence and improvement. We aim to provide our students with a happy, caring, cooperative and safe environment that promotes equality, respect, creativity and self esteem, Our focus on relevant learning experiences reflect the school values and allow children to develop with confidence to their full potential, preparing them for life-long learning.

Our school has always enabled students, staff and parents to enjoy a close supportive relationship - one that enables us to know each student as a unique person. The staff and students work together cooperatively to create a positive school environment in which every student feels safe and is able to learn in a friendly and caring atmosphere.

At Wattle Grove Primary School, we are committed to assisting our students to become responsible thinkers who are equipped for learning in the 21st Century. All students are provided with an extensive learning program, encompassing the eight learning areas of ther curriculum. We are committed to ensuring that our students develop the necessary competence and success in literacy and numeracy and are able to effectively use their skills in real life situations and in their endeavours to access information for future learning.

The reporting of our student’s learning progress is done frequently throughout the year through a range of communications and reporting processes-both formal and informal. We want to ensure that all parents are fully informed of their children’s learning achievements and learning needs continuously. Parents play an important part in a child’s education and, in partnership, our challenge is to support our students to achieve to their full potential.

At Wattle Grove Primary School, we encourage our students to seek information beyond the boundaries of the school fence and to become learners for life.

Julie Roberts


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Telephone: 08 9237 6600 Address: 73 St John Road, Wattle Grove WA 6107