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Wattle Grove Primary School has been educating children for more than 100 years. It has grown from a small country like school, first established in a hall in 1915, to become a significant and modern, state of the art primary school for more than eight hundred wonderful children.

Due to rapid housing expansion in the area and a significant increase in enrolments, the school was relocated in 2011 to a larger school site and new school. However, it still retains a real sense of community and will continue to have a central role in the ongoing development of this unique semi-rural and suburban area.

The school has always enjoyed a strong community spirit developed over decades from parent and community involvement within the school. A close, supportive relationship continues to exist between students, staff and parents enabling us to know each student as an individual. Staff and students work together cooperatively to create a positive school environment in which every student feels safe and is able to learn in a friendly and caring atmosphere. This school culture reflects the school's motto of œGive to Receive.

As an Independent Public School since 2012, the Wattle Grove School Board works with the Principal to set and monitor the key directions of the school and to make a positive contribution to the school's continued development. The Board includes representatives from the parent and staff bodies, and the community. A proactive Parents & Citizens Association (P&C) continues to support the school with numerous fundraising campaigns each year to assist in the provision of school resources and equipment. This partnership with the community continues to provide a strong support base upon which the school has thrived for over 100 years.

Whilst new facilities provide for many opportunities, it is the school's learning and teaching culture of Excellence' and its strong sense of community that drives the school's vision. The foundation of the school culture is the œWattle Grove Way. A culture of high standards has been established over time with a commitment to encouraging personal best and providing quality education for children in a safe and supportive learning environment.

The school has an established reputation as a school of choice and, in 2014, was awarded the W.A. Primary School of the Year in the Western Australian Education Awards for its strong delivery of quality learning, teaching and student performance. In 2017, the school received an Exemplary Practice School Award by the Director General of Education following a study of the school by the Department of Education.

As an Independent Public School, our challenge is to continue to target key areas to further develop our students as successful, motivated learners who strive to achieve standards of personal best in a wonderful learning environment. We are confident that our focus on the development of each individual child and their leaning can be achieved with the support of a strong partnership between the school and the school community. Together, as a community, we are building the learning foundations and futures of our children, just as our predecessors have done for more than 100 years.

Julie Roberts


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Telephone: 08 9237 6600 Address: 73 St John Road, Wattle Grove WA 6107