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An Independent Primary School.        Our Motto: 'Give to Receive'
2014 - WA Education Awards, "Primary School of the Year"
2015 - School Centenary Celebrations; July 19, 1915 - July 19, 2015

2015 - WA Education Awards, Kirsty Campbell, "Beginning Teacher of the Year"

2017 - WA Education Awards, Carl Sanderson, "Primary Teacher of the Year" 

2019 - WA Education Awards, Jonathan Petch, "Primary Teacher of the Year"


Learning, Excellence, Equity and Care - these are the threads of the Wattle Grove Primary School tapestry that sew our school community together, creating a magic place where we are making tomorrow. 

Situated in the foothills of the Darling Ranges, 14 kilometres east of Perth, Wattle Grove Primary School has a rich history spanning over 100 years. Our children have the unique opportunity to connect with the past whilst embracing a contemporary, modern and innovative learning environment, with state of the art facilities. Our identity as a school has evolved, yet our community ties are as strong as they have ever been. Children set foot through our school gates and feel happy, safe and connected to their school. As a school, we make the most of every day and value building relationships with children, their parents and family members, as well as our wider school community.

It is not only our strong sense of community that drives the school's vision, our learning and teaching culture of excellence is a dynamic force. Nothing is left to chance. Children at Wattle Grove understand the intrinsic rewards associated with excellence. We provide every opportunity for our children to excel, in all aspects of their education. The learning that takes place in every one of our classrooms is built upon a foundation of challenge and delivered by highly effective staff. Wattle Grove Primary School continues to enjoy successes in academic, physical and the arts arenas. Gifted and Talented education is embedded in the fabric of our school, meaning that every child is involved in enrichment and extension programs. These attributes of excellence have heralded widespread acclaim over the years indicated by many of our graduating students being awarded academic scholarships to a number of secondary schools. We are incredibly proud to note that Wattle Grove Primary School holds the esteemed title of the WA Primary School of the Year 2014,' an acknowledgement we share with the whole school community. Since then, individual staff have also been bestowed the WA Beginning Teacher of the Year 2015' and WA Primary Teacher of the Year 2017' titles. In 2017, Wattle Grove Primary School was also awarded Exemplary School Status' by the Director General of Education.  These accolades, awarded to our students, our school and our teachers are a strong indication of our commitment to providing a high quality education.

Education at Wattle Grove Primary School takes on many different forms. The children are artists, they are musicians, they are athletes, scientists, mathematicians, poets, authors, actors and gardeners. The holistic approach to learning sees children involved in Numero clubs, robotics, instrumental music, junior and senior choirs, theatrical productions and gardening clubs. Every year, we conduct Super Scientist Challenges along with Year Level and Principal's Challenges. All of these programs ensure that children at Wattle Grove Primary School have opportunities to embrace a life-long love of learning.

The core values associated with citizenship are embodied within our motto Give to Receive.' All children are involved in a philanthropic approach of giving back.' We work closely with a range of local and global community projects so that our children can have the opportunity to do something for someone else. Some of these projects include raising money for a number of different causes, which are always suggested by the children. Children helping out others, advocating for others, supporting others - this is the spirit of Wattle Grove Primary School.

We pride ourselves on everything we do here at Wattle Grove Primary School. Always feel welcome to come in and see Wattle Grove Primary School for yourself. 

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Telephone: 08 9237 6600 Address: 73 St John Road, Wattle Grove WA 6107