School Canteen
The canteen operates each Wednesday and Thursday through the P&C. Recess and lunch orders are placed in baskets within each class and sent to the canteen each morning.

No recess or lunch orders are to be ordered at the canteen. An online ordering facility is now in place to assist early planning. Recess and lunch orders are distributed to the classes just prior to the siren and all orders must only be given to students by teachers to ensure the correct lunch/snack etc is received.

Canteen Menu
Please click on the menu image to read or download a copy of the Term 4 Menu

Term 4 " Lunch Box" Menu

Online Canteen Orders
Click here to place an order online from Our Canteen Online. This program saves time and makes it easier for the canteen to get the orders ready in time.

Telephone: 08 9453 6722 Facsimile: 08 9453 2133 Address: 73 St John Road, Wattle Grove WA 6107