An Independent Primary School.        Our Motto: 'Give to Receive'
2014 - WA Education Awards, "Primary School of the Year"          
2015 - School Centenary Celebrations; July 19, 1915 - July 19, 2015 
2015 - WA Education Awards, Kirsty Campbell, "Beginning Teacher of the Year".


"Wattle Grove Primary School prides itself on its ability to produce sound academic results and quality values."

Wattle Grove is 14kms from the Perth CBD, located in the foothills of the Darling Ranges. The old Welshpool Road school is historically significant having been established in 1915. Until 2003, it remained a relatively small school of just over 100 students. Recently, it has had a major shift in its demographics to include new housing developments which have resulted in tremendous growth to over 280 students in 2009.

The school has outgrown the old site and has now been relocated to a new school campus in St John Road for the start of 2011 school year with 360 students. Wattle Grove Primary School prides itself on its ability to produce sound academic results and quality values. Our focus is on literacy and numeracy skills and understandings. It is well resourced with information and technology resources and quality learning and teaching materials and is supported by an active and hard working P&C Association.

Collaborative learning strategies reflect in the good results achieved by our students. Strong Arts and Physical Education programmes provide students with opportunities to participate in many events at out of school venues. The school has a family oriented culture in which students, teachers and parents work together to produce their best efforts.


FRIDAY 25: Book Week Parade
BOOK WEEK DRESS UP Come dressed as your FAVOURITE BOOK CHARACTER Extra play time for the best...
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